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"Biogas is one of the key sectors of the SPIN project. The aim of this newsletter is to summarize findings about the biogas sector made by SPIN partners around the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and to introduce innovative products and solutions from these SPIN countries. Main inputs for the newsletter are national background papers prepared by SPIN partners leading the biogas working group – Germany, Sweden and Estonia."

BIOGAS in the Baltic Sea Region

Biogas is produced when organic material (biomass such as manure, food biowastes, grass and silage, sewage sludge etc.) is decomposed in anaerobic digestion process by microorganisms in an oxygen-free environment. Biogas mainly consists of methane and carbon dioxide, but also contains small amounts of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. Biogas is continuously produced in natural environments such as the stomach of cows and other ruminants, in marshes and bogs and in lake sediments. The active microorganisms in the biogas process can be controlled through substrate addition and keeping the fermenter in a certain temperature range to produce renewable energy from biomass in the form of biogas. In case it has been purified to the same quality level with natural gas, it can be called biomethane. Natural gas and biomethane can both be called methane gases.

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BIOGAS in SPIN countries

Links to country specific information (Framework for Biogas and Technology for Biogas), players and practical examples.

SPIN: Privat Profits - Public Benefits!

The SPIN project aims at enhancing “Sustainable Production through Innovation in SMEs”. SPIN is a business project and not a research project. It runs for 3 years (until January 2012) and is supported by the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union. SPIN brings together some of the most important institutions for eco-innovations in the Baltic Sea Region and is supported by numerous national governments, sector associations, research bodies and transnational NGOs.

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  • At least 17 biogas innovation highlights in the SPIN Database (enter search word „biogas“) -;55&lang_id=1
  • The collected highlights include innovative examples on biogas production from various substrates, different anaerobic fermentation/digestion solutions (incl. dry fermentation), biogas plant optimisation, biogas upgrading (e.g. for vehicle gas), turnkey biogas plants and more remarkable products and services.
  • SPIN Background Papers for Biogas Sector
  1. Background analysis Germany (ENG)
  2. Background analysis Germany (GER)
  3. Background analysis Sweden (ENG)
  4. Background analysis Estonia (ENG) 
SPIN biogas seminar in Tallinn, Estonia. 70 people came together for international knowledge transfer and new business contacts. More international biogas events to come in autumn 2011!
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