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Decentralised wastewater treatment in Europe

Considering the demographic change, climate change and the scarcity of resources in many countries of the world, the necessity to think about existing settlement structures and infrastructures increases. Thereby closing the loop on water plays a major role. The decentralised waste water and rain water treatment will be of particular interest in Europe. Individual concepts can be realised with isolated solutions, consisting of smaller treatment units for several houses or smaller settlements.

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Decentralised wastewater treatment in SPIN countries

Please find bellow links to general and specific information, players and practical examples related to decentralized wastewater treatment in specific SPIN countries:

SPIN: Privat Profits - Public Benefits!

The SPIN project aims at enhancing “Sustainable Production through Innovation in SMEs”. SPIN is a business project and not a research project. It runs for 3 years (until January 2012) and is supported by the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union. SPIN brings together some of the most important institutions for eco-innovations in the Baltic Sea Region and is supported by numerous national governments, sector associations, research bodies and transnational NGOs.

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SPIN ACTIVITIES Related to decentralised wastewater treatment

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