SPIN Toolbox

Entrepreneurs are facing challenges, which are seemingly conflictive: On one hand they are facing increasingly tough competition on globalised markets and need to excel in order to keep their enterprise in business. On the other hand they are obliged to comply with environmental EC regulations and directives (or equivalent national legislation) in order to ensure sustainable development for all of us.

There is support available that helps companies in their in- novation and business processes, from the idea for a new product and product development to the market penetra- tion. But it is often difficult, to find the most relevant tool and information among the different sources e.g. on the Internet. Therefore the SPIN project (more about the project at the end of this brochure) has collected a number of tools that are applicable for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Focus has been on tools that also are able to support more sustainable innovations. This brochure gives a snap- shot of the SPIN toolbox by showing some examples taken from the SPIN toolbox database.

SPIN is providing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with a whole set of instruments that put entrepreneurs in a position to innovate their production processes and prod- ucts leading to improved business and public benefits. Except for the SPIN toolbox with a large number of tools in different categories, other relevant information is available on the SPIN homepage www.spin-project.eu. An example is a database with highlights showing interesting and relevant innovations in different fields.