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The super-insulated carbon-negative straw building panels are pre-compressed and pre-rendered in factory. The panels are enclosed in a glue-lam carcass. The thermal mass of the product is high: 1 m² of the panel weighs 160 kg, providing thermal lag of 8 hours. The U-value of straw panels is 0.11 W/m²K, which is twice as much as Estonian standard. The most innovative characteristic is small ecological footprint of the technology. The panels are used in ecological construction and can also be used in renovation works to provide additional insulation. The company has built straw buildings since 2002 and has a leading place in the field of ecological construction in Estonia.


The building of straw houses is independent of weather conditions. Construction with conventional straw panels is a time consuming process. Pre-rendered straw panels are easy to transport and the installation process is time efficient. The panels are custom made; it is possible to provide panels in any size.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
The ecological footprint of the technology is small. Little-processed local materials are used in manufacturing, which indirectly reduces CO2 emissions. All used materials are natural (straw, clay, wood, sand, lime, water). In case there would be a need to tear the house down, all building materials can be recycled or disposed safely.

Social Aspects
Straw is a burdensome by-product of crop production that is normally waste material, burned or destroyed otherwise. Buying it from local farmers creates additional value. Workforce used is also local, creating jobs in rural areas. Work environment is safe as materials are natural and there is no contact with toxic materials.

Economic Aspects
Additional value is created by buying materials from local producers. There is no import; all raw materials are of local origin. If a need to demolish the house arises, all building materials can be recycled or disposed safely.

Application examples

The panels can be used in private housing, office buildings and community facilities. 40 houses have been built using the technology.


Exploitation costs of straw buildings are up to 5 times lower than those of stone buildings because of the excellent insulation characteristics of straw.


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