SPIN Policy Papers

The aim of the SPIN project is to identify findings on the push & pull factors for eco-innovations: Which incentives make SMEs apply innovations supporting sustainable production? And which barriers prevent them to do so? SPIN has turned these findings into a transnational agenda, i.e. transnationally valid actions that create a coherent policy approach for the whole Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to support the application of eco-innovations. We have called this main output of the project the "SPIN Strategic Actions"

In this process the SPIN project partners have elaborated national studies for their respective home countries that analyse
  • Influences leading to the development of the identified eco-innovation highlights
  • Existing SME needs and support tools for SMEs in the national framework
  • Identified barriers and incentives to innovations for sustainable production in participating countries

The findings of the country studies are collated in a transnational synthesis report for the whole BSR that ultimately leads to a coherent set of SPIN recommendations and the transnational agenda for the BSR.

You can also find here a background study on Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Baltic Sea Region