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SPIN Newsletter #8 - January 2012

Boosting sustainable innovations in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Baltic Sea Region


SPIN Trasnational Forum

On 22 November 2011 SPIN held its final conference in connection with the POLEKO trade fair in Poznan. The SPIN Transnational Forum included three dedicated sessions to present results of the SPIN project, innovation examples and policy initiatives of the partner countries. Participants came from all countries from the Baltic Sea Region including Russia and Norway.

The first session “Innovations in the bioenergy sector: Innovative approaches for sustainability in business” was organized jointly by SPIN and the Bioenergy Promotion project. Presentations included examples from Poland and Germany for how demand-driven innovations for bioenergy production and use can be introduced, e.g. for micro biogas grids to link biogas production facilities with regional heat and power demand and regional approaches for efficient biomass value chains.

In the second session “Towards Green Economy: Policies for sustainable innovations” the focus was on policy initiatives to support sustainable innovations. Polish initiatives to support sustainable innovation and a Norwegian scheme to support sustainable construction were presented.
The session also highlighted the importance of SMEs in the context of sustainable development and the impact of eco-innovation on the German job market. The SPIN project presented its Strategic Actions for decision makers.

Finally, the third session on “Resource Efficiency in SMEs: Policies, instruments and innovations” started with an overview on resource efficiency policies in Europe. The second talk given by Janka Clauder (from the German Ministry of Environment) provided a closer view on the upcoming German programme for resource efficiency and the Finnish Material Efficiency Centre was presented. SPIN partners from Denmark and Sweden highlighted innovations from SMEs in the surface treatment sector to increase resource efficiency in their production.

SPIN would like to thank all speakers for their interesting talks and the participants for the active discussion. The programme and all presentations of the SPIN Transnational Forum are available for download at:

Summary of the SPIN Strategic Actions for decision makers

The SPIN Strategic Actions recommend a coherent approach for the whole Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to support the development and application of sustainable innovations by SMEs. The aim is to improve the framework conditions both for SMEs in demand of sustainable innovations but also for SMEs which are suppliers of such innovations. Target groups addressed by the Strategic Actions are policy makers on EU, national and regional level but also public authorities, financing institutions, business networks and associations.

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SPIN: Privat Profits - Public Benefits!

The SPIN project aims at enhancing “Sustainable Production through Innovation in SMEs”. SPIN is a business project and not a research project. It runs for 3 years (until January 2012) and is supported by the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union. SPIN brings together some of the most important institutions for eco-innovations in the Baltic Sea Region and is supported by numerous national governments, sector associations, research bodies and transnational NGOs.

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