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Solar Steam Bath

Solar Steam Bath, the concept developed by Lithuanian JSC Alternatyvi energija, does not require mains supply or any other communication lines. 21 m2 area of solar collectors‘ absorption surface generates gentle and saturated steam. The temperature of 30-500C and the humidity close to 100% are achieved in the Solar Steam Bath, which does not use solid fuel. Only solar energy is used to heat the bath and generate steam therefore no waste or air pollution is generated.
Moreover Solar Steam Bath is made of natural materials and impregnated with natural linseed oil.

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Solar Architecture House

Solar architecture is based on the efficient use of the energy and the direct solar energy utilization principle. Almost all windows are located in the southern side of the building. This way when the sun rays fall obliquely in spring, autumn and winter, more IR spectrum sun rays enter the building. At the same time all efforts are put to keep them inside the building as long as possible: the windows are covered with selective film and the walls are plastered with clay, that among other good properties also have low thermal conductivity, i.e. it absorbs thermal radiation and when the sun is down, the accumulated heat is radiated to the surrounding environment very slowly,
at the same time heating the building. During the summer the sun rays are falling almost at right angles and not many of them enter the building, therefore it is not too hot inside. If needed, additional sun blinds or shutters may be installed, which help to reduce the solar radiation allowed to enter the house even more. Several smaller windows of the building are located in the southeast and southwest sides to ensure more light inside. Regarding the windows from the northern side, only small ones are planned or they are completely eliminated there.

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