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Super-insulated carbon-negative straw building panels by UltraKUB

The building of straw houses is independent of weather conditions. Construction with conventional straw panels is a time consuming process. Pre-rendered straw panels are easy to transport and the installation process is time efficient. The panels are custom made; it is possible to provide panels in any size.

Little-processed local materials are used in manufacturing, which indirectly reduces CO2 emissions. All used materials are natural (straw, clay, wood, sand, lime, water).

Yoga Intelligent Building

Yoga Intelligent Building (Yoga IB) is the first self-learning intelligent control solution based on the concept of complete core functionality, Artificial Neural Networks technology and natural use of room occupancy information. The system perceives its environment and adjusts its action to optimize the achievement of goals defined by the user (energy saving on heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting). Presence-based climate control benefits from the fact that a change in the set temperature by only one degree Celsius saves as much as 3-8% of the energy used in heating. In the case of cooling, the gap is even greater, as high as 16%. Notable energy savings are also achieved by presence-based ventilation. The air exchange accounts for about one third of heating or cooling demands. Reducing the ventilation loads in the case of empty rooms saves a lot of energy.

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