About the SPIN project


  • Identify & promote innovation highlights for small and medium-seized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Provide SMEs access to technical & managerial innovation which match their specific needs
  • Familiarise and supply SMEs with best available management & decision making tools which help them to apply innovations in their companies
  • Develop incentives & support policies for SMEs to apply innovations
  • Create a coherent international support and policy framework throughout the Baltic Sea Region


  • Reach out to more than 2500 SMEs throughout the BSR
  • Induce investments worth several million EUR in SMEs which apply new solutions
  • Increase competitiveness of SMEs in the BSR supplying eco-innovations due to bigger markets
  • Connect 200 outstanding institutions in the field of eco-innovations in the BSR
  • Collect over 500 good practice examples in a database on innovations made in BSR
  • BSR policy strategy on how to enhance the application of eco-innovations.
SMEs can benefit from SPIN Project in multiple ways: Either by identifying a technological or managerial solution for one of their problems or by getting support in disseminating information on their own innovations or simply by getting access to information from one of the over 100 network partners in the Baltic Sea region. More information for Entrepreneurs can be found in the section “SPIN for Enterprises”.

Policy Makers can also profit of this project. More information for Policy Makers can be found in the section “SPIN for Policy Makers”.


SPIN Network

The SPIN Network aims at bilateral and multilateral long-term cooperation in the following fields:

  1. The realization of joint activities supporting sustainable production through innovations in SMEs throughout the Baltic Sea Region such as joint workshops and trainings
  2. The further use and updating of the SPIN Innovation Highlight Database and SPIN Toolbox
  3. The exchange of best practice and expertise in the field of sustainable production through innovation in SMEs

The SPIN Network will make use of events like the CBSS expert group meetings in order to arrange workshops and will continue to cooperate in the cluster initiatives of the BSR Programme such as the Energy Cluster.