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UO-1000/***/*** dust collector is designed to remove dust from air, which flows through it, especially coal, stone-and-coal and stone dust using a wet method. It can be mainly used for elimination of dust hazard in a roadway, which is driven by a roadheader, and which is ventilated in a sucking and combined ventilation system and it cooperates with a ventube fan. The equipment is of high efficiency as regards cleaning air and that is why the removal of dust in a sucking ventilation system of the roadway, driven by a roadheader, is its main task. However, due to its adaptation for suspension, it is possible to use it also in a variant of combined ventilation as a mobile equipment, which is suspended to a roadway support. Moreover, the equipment can be fitted with a supporting frame and used on the surface for the removal of dust at the temperature of up to 40°C, which does not react with water, as well as for removal of dust of explosive properties from gases. UO-1000/***/*** equipment was developed to ensure high reliability and effectiveness of dust removal at possibly simple design, simple principle of operation and resistance to difficult conditions in mines’ undergrounds, meeting the requirements of ATEX Directive concerning work safety in the spaces of explosion hazard. The equipment construction is a result of ROW-II-139/2006 targeted project, which was realized in 2007 on the basis of an agreement concluded with Polish Federation of Engineering Associations – NOT. This equipment, in comparison to the previous designs of dust collectors of a similar type, is of a simple design and simple operation at the same level of reliability. The innovative dust removal technology with a structural package, which is used in the equipment, enables to reach high dust removal efficiency at low energy consumption.


Dust removal effectiveness of the equipment is 99.7% and it is higher than in competitive solutions. It results in much better protection of roadway workers against effects of dust presence (pneumoconiosis and coal dust explosion hazard).

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