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High content of organic matter (90%) foreordains industrial and post-use wood waste for utilisation by biological methods. Aerobic processes (composting) are recommended because wood contains over 20% of lignin – a natural source of humus. Research on composting waste from composite wood products and application of the obtained composts in plant cultivation has been carried out for several years in the Wood Technology Institute. In the vegetative tests the usefulness of composts obtained from particle board, fiberboard and plywood waste, as well as from post-use wood waste (withdrawn furniture, packaging, builder’s carpentry and joinery etc.) for ligneous plants cultivation has been investigated. Due to ecological aspects of its cultivation and extensive possibilities of economic application of its wood, willow (Salix sp.) was examined. The composts obtained from the tested wood waste differ mostly in the content of nitrogen which comes from the urea-formaldehyde resin used for glueing of composite wood products. The tests have proved that S. purpurea and S. viminalis willows can be grown on soils enriched by composts from industrial and post-use wood waste. Safe doses of compost should be determined on the basis of its chemical composition.


Ecological effect of the project is converting old, unwanted and worn out wooden items, in other words - burdensome wood waste, into a new material, i.e. recycled wood, which after biological processing could be used to fertilise soil with organic humus substances.

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