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Recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from gases, as a liquid, can be realised by low temperature condensation coupled with thermal swing adsorption. The proposed method uses three main apparatuses: condenser, adsorber-desorber and cooler. The schematic diagram of the set-up is presented in Figure 1. Polluted gas is introduced to the condenser (1), where it is cooled, and VOCs are partially condensed. Then gas flows through the 4-way valve (4) to the adsorber (2a). Here the gas is completely cleaned from VOCs and then - directed to the cooler (3). Clean and cool gas is turned back to the condenser (1), where it is used as a cooling medium. The clean gas leaves the condenser at a temperature slightly lower than the inlet one. When apparatus (2a) works as an adsorber, the desorption process takes place in the apparatus 2b. Gases after desorption are mixed with inlet polluted gases and are introduced to the condenser (1). When the adsorber (2a) is full of the adsorbed VOCs, the valves (4) are switched and adsorbers (2a) and (2b) change their tasks (Fig. 2).The experimental set-up, used in our investigations is presented in Figure 3. The economy of the process is significantly improved due to the heat recovery by using the outlet gases from adsorption as a cooling medium for the condensation. There is no need to utilise gases after desorption because VOCs are recovered as a liquid and can be reused in the process. High efficiency of VOCs removal can be accomplished by suitable selection of the process parameters.


VOCs removed from gases, as a liquid condensate, can be reused in the process. Utilisation of gases after desorption is not necessary because all of them are introduced to the condenser. High thermal efficiency is obtained by the heat recovery from the outlet gases.

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