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The Wisła River in its upper course is being salinated by waters originated from hard coal workings dewatering. The purpose of the project is to improve the environmental state – the quality of surface water in the basin of the Upper Wisła by realisation of operations allowing to limit the pollutant load (chlorides, sulphates and suspensions) released to the environment with the mining plant dewatering waters. The essence of the surface water hydrotechnical protection is based on temporary retention of waters in a closed down mine “Czeczott” (currently “Piast” Operation II) by using its workings as a retention-dosing reservoir, as well as in mine retention reservoirs in “Brzeszcze” and “Silesia” mines (The Wisła River hydrotechnical protection system called “Small Wisła”). The method is based on salt mine water accumulation in retention reservoirs and controlled discharge of this water to the river so that the acceptable concentration of chlorides and sulphates is not exceeded. Since the absorption capacity of the river depends on the amount of water flowing in time, the possibility of water drop control is used:
- bigger loads of chlorides and sulphates are discharged when the river flow is high;
- the drop is stopped or limited when the river flow is low.

The reservoir of the closed down mine “Piast” Operation II and the sediment pits of coal mine “Ziemowit” are important elements of the retention-dosing system of the Wisła River protection.


• Decrease of the Upper Wisła basin salination;
• Possibility of 20 km of Upper Wisła protection;
• Elimination of water drop with the load of 145 142 tons per year i.e. 397,6 tons per day;
• Transfer and retention of the load of 28 834 tons per year i.e. 79 tons per day of salinated water.

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