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Central Mining Institute together with VERT Energy Consulting developed a technological project of geothermal installation used for heat collection from a shut down coal mine - “Katowice”. The heat will be used for the heating needs of a new Silesian Museum in Katowice. The Museum will be located in a strict center of Katowice and will have the cubature of 183000 m3. The strategic purposes of the project are:
- decrease of heat production/purchase costs;
- decrease of energy purchase costs;
- decrease of pollution emission to the atmosphere as a result of decrease of fossil fuels combustion;
- promotion of modern energy solutions using renewable and integrated energy sources;
- creation of the possibility of conduction of scientific research on optimal local energy systems using renewable and integrated energy sources;
- collection of the unique experience that can be used while projecting the next mine geothermal installation.

The geothermal installation consists of 3 heat pumps (plus 1 spare pump) of the power of 2140 kW and 2 natural gas powered co-generation aggregates of the electric power of 237 and 363 kW and the heat power of 372 and 523 kW. Total heat power of the installation is 3035 kW which will completely cover the needs of the Museum estimated for 3000 kW at the beginning. At this installation the water of the temperature of 60°/45° will be collected and used for planned and modern heating system in the Museum. The reserve heating source will be gas-oil boiler room. In co-generation aggregates the energy of the total value of 600 kW will be produced and used for heating pump drive and its excess amount will be destined for own purposes of the Museum and can be sold to the Distribution System Operator i.e. Vattenfall.


The installation will cause radical decrease of pollutant emission to the atmosphere. Total emission of CO2 to the atmosphere will amount to 76,8 Mg CO2 per year. In comparison with conventional energy sources the reduction of the total emission of CO2 will amount to about 3610 Mg CO2 per year.

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