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Biogas producers who are interested in testing the upper limits of their production process can install Biogas OptimizerTM by integrating the application with an existing SCADA system. Biogas producers who decide to purchase a Biogas OptimizerTM license will be able to unleash the true potential of their production plant and maximise profits.

Biogas OptimizerTM is a process diagnosis, decision support and optimisation application built into one product. Today, biogas producers can choose from three modules, with a pipeline of new modules under development:
• Process Diagnosis
• Energy Balance
• Process Optimizer
While the Process Diagnosis module allows for superior data mining and plant-wide diagnosis capabilities, the Energy Balance module provides operators with a detailed overview of energy flows, utilisation and recovery at a biogas plant. The Process Optimizer module provides biogas producers with a system for intelligent supervisory control of a biogas plant, protecting a biogas process from overload while allowing the maximum utilisation of digester capacity. Every module has one thing in common, contributing to a better understanding of a biogas plant and process, allowing an operator to become more efficient in their daily work.


 Depending on what modules are installed, biogas producers who purchase a Biogas OptimizerTM license will be able to experience the following benefits:
• Advanced data-mining capabilities (advanced workflow and process efficiency analysis)
• Detailed process monitoring and diagnosis (cost efficient plant operation)
• Potential for higher biogas production (better utilisation of digester capacity)
• More even biogas production (maximise return on CHP or gas upgrading units)
• Protection against process disturbances (early warning system with corrective action)
• Faster start-up of bioreactors (up to 75% quicker start-up times)

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental  Aspects
Optimizing  of  biogas production  gives a  more efficient production which favours both the  environment and the economy

Application examples

The technologies and services offered by Bioprocess Control can provide value to all biogas producers, including:
• Wastewater treatment plants
• Organic waste handlers
• Food & beverage producers
• Ethanol producers
• Bio-diesel producers
• Pulp & paper companies
• Power and gas companies
• Farmers
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