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The key component is a heat exchanger which uses the energy of the hot waste air of the thermal post-combustion system which eliminates potentially emitted organic solvents from the drying process. Recovered energy is then applied on the one hand to pre-heat the post-combustion air and on the other hand to heat the barrel drying tunnel. By this means, the drying tunnel can be supplied with temperatures up to 230°C instead of the former 60°C which allows the application of solvent free lacquers for the reconditioned barrels. The heat recovery accounts for the replacement of fuel oil heating and natural gas consumption which result in a total annual reduction of 315 tons of CO2.  


Compliance of German environmental standard (TA Luft) which postulates a maximum of 20 mg of volatile organic compounds in the waste air was coupled with a technically demanding and energy-efficient heat recovery to supply the different energy-consuming units in the production process. Measures resulted in:
  • reduced natural gas consumption (-28 %)
  • replacement of fuel oil heating
  • higher temperatures in the drying process, use of solvent-free lacquers
  • increased productivity

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Consumption of fossil resources (natural gas, oil) were reduced or completely replaced, respectively, resulting in mitigation of CO2-Emissions by 315 tons each year. Higher drying temperatures allow for application of solvent-free paints. 

Application examples

Heat recovery 


Investment costs amounted to €416 000. As a grant, €106 000 were provided by the environment innovation programme of the Federal Ministry for the Environment. 

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