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The Ecoera Biochar is based on a standardized biomass formula of agricultural residues with full traceability from specific biomass source and blend to final biochar product. The biochar have minimized dust fractions for optimal soil application. This allows for standardizing the trials for comparisons. Specific formulas can be ordered upon request.

The pelleting is done at the Bioagro Energy system ( This is a system created from a EU LIFE project and has now the capacity of delivering biomass blends for all types of uses.
The system has 100% traceability of biomass source in silo to mixes to final product for audit trial and replicability. The biochar residue formula is consisting of by-products from Swedish crop and grass species including mineral additive for keeping the pellet intact as final biochar product. Biomass blends has been created from research done at Ecoera in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology.


The biochar from Ecoera is a standardized product serving as a carbon sequestration agent and soil enhancer. Waste is reduced from agriculture, it serves as a bioenergy source, it reduces CO2 in the

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Lowering the nutrient runoff from soils, sequesters carbon dioxide and lower the use of artificial NPK fertilizer for certain soils. The carbon sequestered is stabilized in the biochar form for over 1000 years according to International Biochar Initiative and the supporting worldwide research in biochar.

Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)
The possibilities of having a more sustainable and economically rewarding agriculture enhance rural development and create jobs in agriculture.

Economic Aspects
Lowering of NPK use and enhacement of soil quality increases crop yields and raises the value of the farmland

Application examples

Ecoera has demonstrated the possbility tp produce biochar  in the BIOAGRO-project (

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Mr Kåre Tjus
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