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Göran Johansson
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Miljömontage is providing complete solutions for industrial water treatment and waste water cleaning for the Swedish market. The company has developed some products which could be exported to other markets and sold and/or manufactured by other companies outside of Sweden.
Sweden as a country is in lead of developing biogas systems for handling organic waste.

Miljökvarnen is a system for taking care of food waste and make it in a suitable form for biogas production in a closed system, not directly disposing the waste into the waste water system. The food waste is put into a mill which can handle all sorts of normal organic material, including bones, fish skin, pasta and other sticky things with high capacity, about 2000 l/h. A vacuum system sucks the milled waste through pipes to a standard or customized designed tank, which is prepared to fit into a suitable room and be easily emptied from outside. The process is supervised by a modern, specially designed control system.

Miljömontage has also additional products which could be of interest for a partner, such as open strainers, reverse flow protection systems, EU-7 filters.


Miljökvarnen used as the first step in biogas production is a unique way of treating kitchen waste which has been demonstrated in Sweden. It changes the approach to see food waste as an energy source instead of seeing it as waste. The own developed mill has sufficient capacity to mill much more than normal kitchen waste and could be used in connection with food production. The waste is handled in a hermetically sealed system, giving no problems with odour or leaks. The working condition for employees and cleaning staff will also be improved by taking away a dirty and heavy work. Instead of paying money for getting rid of the waste it turns into a useful product.
The company Miljömontage can assist a partner with competence in everything around its products.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Making waste into biogas is an ideal way of solving an environmental problem.

Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)
The biggest supporters for the kitchen waste system is the working personell.

Economic Aspects
Depending on city handling of waste the fee varies for traditional waste disposal. Supplying the waste suitable for biogas production to be emptied by a sludge truck can often be free of charge. An better designed working environment can also improve work efficiency and work environment.

Application examples

Large central kitchens, big restaurants, food industry, food super markets.

Cooperation sought 

 Technical co-operation, Commercial agreement with technical assistance, Joint Venture agreement ,   Licence agreement,   Manufacturing agreement


Mr Kåre Tjus
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd
P.O. Box 21060
SE-100 31 Stockholm
Switchboard: +46 (0) 8 598 563 00

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Uwe Fortkamp
IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB
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