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LESTER 20 pellet heating boiler is an innovative, environmentally friendly installation developed by Lester, Tarnow. The boiler is fired with wood pellets and is designed to heat detached houses. The boiler is equipped with a fully automated feeding, firing and fuel control system. It is adapted for operation in closed circuits. The parameters of the boiler are as follows: modulated power: 5-20 kW, temperature setting range: 40-80 °C, boiler water capacity: 40 l. flue gas ventilation system, negative pressure operation of the burner in a combustion chamber. The boiler has a ceramic combustion chamber and a stainless steel exchanger. It is equipped with all necessary protection devices to reduce potential hazard. The use of innovative solutions in the construction of the burner allows to achieve very high combustion parameters, high efficiency (95,04 %), low flue gas emission and comfort of operation. A cell feeder prevents from flame withdrawal. Fuel firing starts after a short operation of a heater, then modulate operation is maintained, depending on the heat demand.


Using alternative fuels and source of energy production

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The Lester 20 boiler (power rating 20kW) is friendly for the environment also in terms of gas emission which is as follows: gas emission in mg / m3 at 10 % O2.

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Patent applied for
Patent Application for “Pellet Burner for Central Heating Boiler”; No. P 382179, 11 April 2007, Patent Office of the Republic of Poland; LESTER 20 obtained certification according to PN-EN 303-5:2002 standards

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