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Glycerol is the main by-product of bio-diesel production (FAME). Although glycerol could be burned as a fuel, it could be useful if converted into more valuable components. It is possible to etherify glycerol with either alcohols or alkenes for the production of oxygenated compounds, namely ethers of glycerol, which can be added to conventional Diesel in vehicle engines as a second generation of biocarburants. The innovative procedure and system for ethers of glycerol production from crude glycerol wastes utilisation – the by-product of biodiesel fabrication - were submitted for patent protection (Patent Application PL No 382 733). The known technological processes of bio-diesel (FAME bio-esters) production, especially for the use at rural communities, demand simple and technologically uncomplicated methods of management for crude glycerol wastes formed at bio-diesel production. The procedure of obtaining bio-ethers from glycerol production according to the invention consists in catalytic treatment of crude waste glycerol. In this liquid conversion process stable and quasi-stable glycerol wastes are converted into ethers of glycerol (heating fuel) and potassic fertiliser with 29,8% of K2O (% weight in dry mass). The ethers of glycerol can be combusted (heat of combustion 29 185 kJ/ kg) to electrical energy.


The offered technology of glyceric wastes utilisation to bioether (second generation of biocarburants) is safe for environment, with no liquid and solid wastes. The estimated cost of bioether production amounts to 30 Euro per
cubic metre of bioether.

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Polish Patent Application No. PL 382 733

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