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Based on the results of research carried out by the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in BOLESŁAW RECYCLING Ltd. a technology for zincbearing waste, i.e. EAF dusts and slimes remaining after leaching of roasted zinc concentrates, presenting diversified chemical composition, various impurities contents (As, Cd, Cl), mainly sulphur, making 7 to 10% mass of slimes from zinc hydrometallurgy, was modernised. The reason for the technology development was an increasing volume of EAF dusts, necessity for processing all generated slimes from zinc hydrometallurgy and maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection. Modernisation covered alteration of the existing and newly built facilities, including installation for cooling-dedusting gases and system of process gases desulphurisation. Modernisation increased efficiency, improved technological conditions, reduced emission of impurities, mainly SO2 and dusts. About 50% increase of the crude zinc oxide production was reached, increasing Zn and Pb recovery, decreasing waste slag mass of lower heavy metals content. Implementation of the gas dedusting technology resulted in tenfold SO2 emission decrease from 1118 tons in 2005 to 112 tons in 2007. The volume of the emitted SO2 with relation to crude zinc oxide was reduced over 15 times. Full mechanisation and automation resulted in improvement of working conditions. The  technology complies with requirements of the Best Available Technique in load preparation, pyrometallurgical process and emission of impurities.


Implementation of the technology resulted in the decrease of SO2 emission to the atmosphere from 1118 tons in 2005 to 112 in 2007, i.e. tenfold reduction. The volume of the emitted SO2 for 1 ton of zinc concentrate was reduced from 66.4 to 3.5 kg, and when expressed for 1 ton of Zn in the final product - from 121 to 8 kg.

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Patent No. PL 178199: Method for Flue-Gases Desulphurisation by Wet Limestone Method

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