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The utlisation of the after-slaughter waste feather is a serious problem due to pathogenic microorganisms contained in this waste on one hand, and technological criteria which must meet stringent sanitary and environmental protection standards on the other. The conventional methods of feather utlisation are based on thermal processes or composting which is either expansive or time-consuming. The developed innovative technology eliminates the above mentioned inconveniences while enabling effective implementation in SMEs at low investment costs. The that feathers acquired from after-slaughter contain about 70 - 75 % of water. They are stored gradually to fill up the reactor. Then the reactor is closed and undergoes the process of hydration of oxygenic lime in the amount of 8 -12 %, with 8 - 10 % of lignite and peat. The obtained mass is mixed with a speed of 5 - 8 turns per minute for not less than two hours and left to cool. After the process of higienisation the feathers are unloaded during mixing and the direction of reactor’s turns is changed regularly. After that the feathers undergo the process of mechanic disintegration. The obtained end product is safe and ready for utlisation as fertiliser and contains no pathogenic microorganisms Additionally, the project is an example of non-energetic use of lignite.


The technology helps solve the problem of waste management from poultry slaugher houses in an efficient and costs effective way. The obtained product can be applied to improve soil quality and deacidification.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Feather utilization, pathogenic microorganism protection.

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Patent granted
Home patent P 38 1095, 20.11.2006.

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