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Innovative SZUSTER System elbow check valves are the first and probably the only ones in the world, which comply with the European Regulation EN 12050-4. They were designed for wastewater applications, especially for wastewater including solid parts. The valves are fully open for the velocity range 0,7 - 3,0 m/s without
forced ball vibrations. From velocity 0,7 m/s the ball stays in a stable - open position (doesn’t vibrate). It causes that the valves work quietly and dependably. Another very important characteristic is a local resistance coefficient, which in our check valves is constant for recommended velocities (0,7 m/s - 3 m/s). Comparing the local resistance coefficient of our products with others it can be easily noticed that the outcome of other ball check valves is at least twice or three times worse than ours. This product has a very compact and simple
construction, substitutes an elbow on the pipeline and eliminates one flanged joint. It is the only valve that after dismantling of the cover enables very easy access to the ball interior and allows vertical and horizontal pipeline inspection. Its construction (connecting of a flow curve channel with a bend cylinder channel - which is the ball
workspace with its clearance not less than the inlet ) resists blocking up valves during the normal operation in the pumping station. The other totally new product is COMBI. It has got all the advantages mentioned above, but additionally, it is connected with a knife valve that makes it more universal.


Products, applied in pumping stations, allow to save up to ca. 20% of electrical energy (depending on several conditions such as: dimension of the pumping station, installed pump and others). They reduce twice the construction weight and pollution connected with transport and production.

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