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Pellet burners produced by Pelltech can replace the oil burners in existing heating system or be a heart in the new pellet heating system. Burners can be used with most of the solid fuel or liquid fuel boilers. The boiler does not need any rebuilding, because an ordinary oil burner flange is used for attaching the burner to a boiler.

Reliable components are used in the production of the burner, which gives it a long life-time. Electrical ignition and automatic choice of power-level output make using the burner easy. Pelltech is the only provider producing pellet burners that fit with oil heating boilers without significant rebuilding.

Smaller pellet burners for households are produced in the company; pellet burners with bigger capacity for municipal or industrial use are built on site. Proposer has the know-how of engineering pellet burners.  


PV pellet burner advantages:
Burning quality
 - One-point ignition: less power is needed for ignition, less fume comes up, ignition is faster.
 - Using internal auger: insures unvaried fuel transportation into the burning chamber and thereof also equable burning.
- Air distribution: in all power levels, primary and secondary air are optimally distributed.
 - Intelligent leading: the burner chooses itself a suitable output power level according to need of warmness.
 - Using a hot burning chamber insures absolute burning, small emissions and high efficiency Endurance
  - Details which are in contact with fire are made from heat-proof stainless steel
 - High-quality components


Protection against back-burning:
  - Safety thermostat.
 - Periodic work of internal auger in standby mode
 - Melting hose

 - Interface : the burner gives clear information about the instant activity and shows tooling parameters on the screen
 - Compatibility with oil boilers: the burners are compatible with oil boilers by mounting and by electric connection.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Pellets are natural, environmentally friendly, renewable fuel resource made from sawdust. The quantities of carbon dioxide from combustion are equal to the quantity the tree uses when it grows. With PV burners it is very easy the replace the oil heating system with pellet heating system
Since pellets are a highly energy dense fuel it needs less transporting miles, and is thus energy efficient to transport. Besides, energy efficient means of transport can be used.
Since the raw material comes from the national forests, the net imports of fuel are reduced and local/regional employment is promoted. Domestic fuels such as pellets are not as sensitive as oil to international top-level politics and dollar rate on the world market.

Economic Aspects
To heat with pellets made from wood fuel is an economically good alternative since the price for pellets is significantly lower than the price of oil and electricity. It's possible to save a significant amount of money
Pellet burner requires maintenance is needed, but less than e.g. heating with wood. Pellets burner needs to be cleaned approximately once a week and the ashes must be taken out. The amount of ashes is small, since the pellets combustion is efficient.

Application examples

Households for new heating systems or to replace oil heating boilers, municipal buildings (for example schools, kindergartens and military buildings) and industrial buildings.



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Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain

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