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Paint and lacquers are stripped from steel and aluminium pieces in a potassium hydroxide or organic solvent bath with a high-boiling, CFC-free solvent blend, respectively. After paint removal, the pieces are treated with a high-pressure cleaner to remove loose paint remains and removal medium. After measure implementation, the concentration of dipping bath media are monitored permanently in order to control the addition of chemicals. Furthermore, constant bath care and cleaning was installed. Bath temperature is monitored which allows for minimum requirements of the bath quality to be kept permanently. Injection of air leads to agitation which ensures more efficient paint removal due to continuous exchange of exhausted solvent at the interface of painted surface and bulk solvent. In addition, a temperature and concentration balance is established in the dipping baths which allows for shortened treatment periods and, as a consequence, higher material throughput.


Chemical application could be reduced by 40 %. Due to the restructuring of the paint removal process, working safety and work flow were improved. In total, the company could realize annual savings of 85,000 Euros.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Every year, 36 tons of chemicals are saved. A significant environmental effect is achieved especially regarding potassium hydroxide savings, since the production of this substance creates an equivalent amount of chlorine which needs to be applied elsewhere, e.g. in polyvinyl chloride. This polymer which is used also to considerable quantities in private houses causes a significant thread when exhibited to fire due to the occurrence of chlorine gas and hydrochloric acid.

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The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology supported PIUS Check consultancy with funds from the VerMat programme provided by the German material efficiency agency (Deutsche Materialeffizienzagentur, demea).


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