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The solution uses the Lonworks technology for interconnection of subsystems. Lonworks is widely used standard and many smart building subsystems have Lonworks interfaces or gateways. For those systems that do not have Lonworks interfaces Võrguvara AS develops custom subsystem specific gateways. The solution provides central visualisation and configuration point for all subsystems. On demand the system includes central log collection point for multiear data archiving.


Usually buildings have subsystems controlled by local standalone embedded controller and often heating and cooling subsystems can have different temperature set-points. As a result heating may heat the room and cooling try to cool down the room at same time, which causes increased energy consumption. The solution creates the central control point for set-points and other configuration parameters. Central doesn’t mean one single point.

In addition to that, light controls typically use their own occupancy sensors and intrusion security subsystem uses their own motion detection devices (PIRs) in the same room. The solution can orchestrate these subsystems and use just one motion/occupancy sensor per room. As a result the solution allows decreasing investments into smart building.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Reducing the energy consumption of smart building indirectly reduces the CO2 emission.

Social Aspects
SmartBuilding offers a more comfortable living or working environment adapted to its users.

Economic Aspects

Reducing energy consumption enables to reduce costs.

Application examples

Private houses and commercial buildings. Võrguvara AS has designed and built several private and commercial building automation systems using the solution.



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