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The company offers interior and exterior finishing solutions that are natural, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous.
In the interior finishing of homes the company uses materials from nature and reused materials – wooden materials (including reused old wooden materials for example old floor board), natural lime or clay plaster (for walls, ceilings, mirror vaults, cornices etc), special techniques (trowel plaster, smooth plaster, structural plaster), decorative plasters (plasters with straw, flax, hemp or bulrush shives), tadelakt  technique for surfaces having contact with water (saunas, showers, baths, sinks, kitchen surfaces, shelves, interior decor elements, ceramics), natural paints (casein paint, lime paint, linseed paint, soil paint, glue paint), dividing walls made from light clay, straw and raw clay bricks. The company also offers trainings and consultation for builders and people interested in natural building technologies.
The company has also participated in several trainings and information events in Estonia and abroad.


Environmentally friendliness - using materials with low levels of primary energy causes less environmental load (materials are directly from nature or transformable to building materials with low level of processing); materials are of local origin, since the transport of materials causes less environmental load. The lifecycle of the materials used is long; traditional materials that have been used and tested during centuries are used. Utilization of such materials doesn’t cause environmental problems.
Non-hazardous – since the materials have been used in traditional building technologies for a long period of time, there is sufficient knowledge about their impact on health (as opposed to modern materials); the materials create interior climate which is the best for health (level of air humidity, temperature, low level of dust, pollutants and CO2 binding properties); interior finishing using these materials is suitable for allergic people; materials are good for the construction of houses (open to steam flow and breathing which means low diffusion resistivity and high level of gas and steam passing).
Originality – all solutions are unique.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Using natural solutions decreases environmental load through low level of processing (less use of energy), local origin (less need for transport of materials), long life cycle of materials, environmentally friendly utilization.

Social Aspects
Natural materials are easy and safe to use in building. No previous education is needed; it is feasible for both professional builders and hobbyists.

Economic Aspects
Natural materials are cheaper but require more work, therefore it is currently somewhat more expensive solution. Maintenance costs are minimal.

Application examples

Interior and exterior finishing of buildings. Over the 5 years the company has operated in the field of natural materials more than hundred objects have been done and trainings carried out.



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