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ARBOFORM® is comparable to the standard synthetic thermoplastic materials in terms of tensile stress and impact strength. It also has similar mechanical and thermal properties like natural wood and thus combines the positive properties of natural wood with the processing capabilities of thermoplastic materials (“liquid wood”).


ARBOFORM® can be processed like a synthetic thermoplastic material made from mineral oil but in contrast to that is fully renewable. In general, it may replace synthetic plastics in any current application. 50 million tons of lignin are produced as a byproduct in the paper industry each year, therefore neither additional harvesting is needed, nor is it probable that shortages in supply may occur. TECNARO also offers the products ARBOFILL® and ARBOBLEND®, the first being a mixture of natural and synthetic materials and the latter a mixture of biodegradable natural compounds. The combination of synthetic and natural materials results in materials with new characteristic profiles.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Vast application of the introduced renewable product will drastically decrease the demand for mineral oil which is the raw material of synthetic thermoplastics. Since lignin is a natural, renewable resource with almost no geographical restriction, it not only has the potential to lower the environmental impact of oil production and processing, but also to avoid conflicts arising from geographical and quantitative limits of this resource.
Huge potential as a thermoplastic material by replacing very common synthetic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene in a vast spectrum of applications.

Application examples

A vast variety of products can be made from the granulated material, ranging from automotive interior parts to musical instruments and toys.


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