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Privatbrauerei Strate took advantage of the PIUS Check consulting method provided by Effizienz-Agentur (EFA) North Rhine-Westphalia (see section “Toolbox” on the SPIN Homepage). The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology supported the PIUS Check with funds from the VerMat funding programme provided by the German Materials Efficiency Agency (Deutsche Materialeffizienzagentur - demea). Particular potential was identified to exist in the following areas: in the cleaning process of the bottling plant during the type of beer changeover, in the bottling loss (beer loss), in the CIP control of the keg plant, in the optimization of compressed air, and a number of less extensive measures in the fields of water and energy. The staff has been actively involved in the processes of change. The cleaning of filling tubes required for the changeover of beer types or on termination of filling, from the pressure tank cellar to the bottle and keg filler has been modified to use CO2 instead of water. As a result, the beer is now pressed into the filling device, thus enabling almost complete filling up. So far, this part had to be discarded because water became mixed with the actual product. New tubing from the CO2 supply to the filling tubes was fitted, and pneumatic valves were installed and automated. The investment amounted to about EUR 6,000 and resulted in annual savings of about EUR 60,000.
The complete compressed air treatment downstream of the compressors has been renewed. Both of the old dryers were replaced with new models, and the filters were adapted to meet the required volumetric flow rate. Since then, a system pressure of 7 bars can be applied in the compressed air network. The idle time could be reduced by 10 per cent. Energy savings of about 9 per cent have been achieved. Some additional small changes such as activation of the maximum demand monitor and modified water nozzles in the bottle cleaning machine and shower have resulted in considerable savings achieved with relatively little effort. The electrical current peak could be reduced by 60 kW, and water consumption dropped by about 5,000 m³ per year.


Material Savings
Cost Savings

Cleaning of filing tubes with CO2 instead of water
EUR 6,000
1,100 hl beer
EUR 60,000/a

New CIP control
EUR 12,000
4,200 m3 freshwater
EUR 9,500/a

Compressed air generation
EUR 15,000
10% less energy
Not qualified

Bottle cleaning / shower
EUR 1,100
5,000 m3
EUR 6,600/a

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

With the newly designed CIP control of the keg plant, all media valves were replaced, the feeding was modified to use probe technology and equipped with a new type of control. Fresh water consumption became reduced from a previous volume of 90 to 30 litres per keg. Thus, the investment paid for itself in a little more than one year.

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All measures implemented required a total investment of about 35,000 Euros, which in addition to improvements in material efficiency, has resulted in annual savings of almost 90,000 Euros.


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