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A solution was demonstrated in whichthe increasing of process energy efficiency could be accompanied by an increase in furnace throughput,without extending the pre-heating zone. This was to beachieved by converting the block heating furnace. In the innovative furnace concept of extrutec GmbH ( the number of burner jets used to createthe flames is tripled and the positioningof the nozzles optimised, resulting in improvedheat input. The precise adaptation of the furnace interiorto the diameter of the studs leads to atighter concentration of exhaust air and therefore optimisedenergy intake. This is accompanied by the use of ahigh-convection pre-heating chamber with ventilators.The evading exhaust air is guided over aheat exchanger to pre-heat the combustion air for thegas burners.


  • Reduction of natural gas consumption by 39 per cent
  • Reduction of CO2  emissions by 141 tons
  • Increase of furnace capacity by 25 per cent

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The entirety of the measures results in a considerablyimproved overall efficiency of the plant withunchanged requirements of space. Consumption of natural gascan be reduced from 313 kWh/t to 192 kWh/t when operated at full load. For an annual quantity of 10,500 t aluminium CO2  emissions are reduced on average by approximately 141 t. It is planned to achieve furtherCO2  reductions of 160 t/a via further optimisation. Furnace capacity could be increased by 25 per cent as a result of the conversion.

Application examples


Following the PIUS Check EFA conducted PIUS financing consulting. On the basis of the innovative solution EFA proposed the environmental innovation programme (Aid for Demonstration Projects Programme) of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), which promotes the initial large-scale use of innovative and resource-efficient technology. Together with the company an exploratory enquiry was drafted and, following a positive decision by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the formal application was supported by the EFA. For the investment of approximately 542,000 Euros the company received the support of a non-repayable grant of around 24 per cent from the BMU programme.


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