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Metten replaced its five old autoclaveswith three steam spray autoclaves. The reducedsteam consumption reduces CO2 emissions.The quantity of fresh and waste water is reduced by69,250 m3 per year. The incorporation of the evaporative coolerin the re-cooling of the autoclaves savesMetten a further approximately 13,750 m3 of waste water per year.Previously, the necessary cleaning of containersand carriages was largely performed by hand.Now the company cleans large containerssuch as cutter trolleys and meat trolleys in washersand saves approx. 4,300 m3 of fresh and waste waterper year. The company invested insurface sealing measures specifically tailoredto the meat and sausage goods industry. Owing to the company’s move, the new sealand surface area reduction results in an approximately 20 percent reductionin water and cleaning materials.


  • Reduction of fresh and waste water: 87,300 m3/a
  • Energy savings: 2 million kWh/a
  • Total cost savings: 330,000 Euros/a

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

In the scope of the amalgamation of the plants a new waste water drainage system was installed. With the early treatment of smaller quantities of highly contaminated waste water and subsequent purification the harmful substances in the waste water are significantly reduced and costs lowered. With the use of a KMA filter unit Metten replaced the thermal post-combustion employed previously. This enabled the company to reduce gas consumption by two million kWh per year. In total, the meat products producer saves 330,000 Euros a year through the measures.

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The PIUS Check was followed by consulting for PIUS financing. As a result the company received a drafted financing proposal, which it employed in discussions with the house bank. Metten subsequently received a low-interest loan of 1.9 million Euros from the Ecological and Sustainable Water Management Initiative funding area 1.2 (2000-2006) of the NRW Environment Ministry and a low-interest loan of 3.065 million Euros from the ERP Environment and Energy Reduction Programme of the KfW bank.


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