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The company recognised the potential of automationof the roller coating process and developed various approaches to deal with this. In the scope of aPIUS Check (see section “Toolbox” on the SPIN Homepage) provided by Effizienz-Agentur (EFA) North Rhine-Westphalia it proved possible, amongst other actions, to prove theresource efficiency in the sense of integrated environmental protection of a pilot-stage process by conducting a detailed as-is analysis of  mass throughput. In the newly fully-automated process thecoating mass is passed through a roller coating unit in one stage and adaptedto the individual thickness of the roller to be coatedusing a downstream cutter.The speed between the roller coating facilityand the wrapping machine in which theroller is positioned is automatically adjusted,enabling the material to be applies with eventensile strength and without tearing or bubbling.The new coating process thereby enableshigher precision and product quality,which in turn results in an above-average reductionin rejects and throughput andreworking time.


Comparison of the processes, using the example of operating material:

Operating material MITEX process Accumulation process
Protective sheeting  3,000,000 m2/a  0 m2/a
 Adhesive/solvent  1,200 kg/a  0 kg/a
 Cutting waste  7,600 kg/a  0 kg/a
 turning and grinding waste  26,300 t/a  18,400 t/a
 Elastomer use  78,900 ltr/a  67,300 ltr/a

This gives the company a total saving of over 50,000 euros per year.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The use of process heat means that there is no longer any requirement for the solvent-based adhesive, as the coating material now adheres directly as a result of the higher application temperature. The complex application of the adhesive and the protective sheeting to the coating is now dispensed with completely. Furthermore, the process also results in savings of 266 MWh per year in energy and other resources, as listed below.

Application examples


The completion of the PIUS check marked the initiation of the search for an attractive aid programme. The EFA established contact with the KfW banking group and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). In the scope of an exploratory enquiry in the Aid for Demonstration Projects Programme of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) the eligibility for assistance was examined and confirmed. The company invested 820,200 Euros of which 451,000 Euros went on technical implementation, and received a grant of 101,460 Euros from the BMU programme.


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