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The new surface treatment plant works in a way that corresponds to the state of the art to reduce fresh water consumption and sewage as well as acid consumption. In addition, a hall required for this plant and a new hall for goods receiving were constructed in such a way as to take full account of its location in a mixed-use zone. Process management and construction of the surface treatment plant has been designed in accordance with state of the art technology. The overall energy concept is aimed at avoiding or abating possible emissions. Air pollution control is achieved by covering of the acid baths and an exhaust system that includes exhaust air washing.


Measures resulted in the following relative resource use reductions (per ton of material to be pickled):

  • Fresh acid: 35%

  • Used acid: 38%

  • Fresh water: 42%

  • Sewage: 32%


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Fresh water is used five times before being passed to a neutralization plant. The consumption of acid is reduced by means of an enhanced cascade flow encompassing four acid tanks. Previously, only three tanks were used. In addition, the conditions of the washing process on discharge from the last acid tank could be enhanced. The industrial sewage generated is treated in an in-house neutralization plant and subsequently discharged into the public sewer system. Previously, trucks were loaded and unloaded outdoors, involving high noise levels. The design of the new hall for receiving goods has also integrated truck loading and unloading operations in order to sustainably reduce noise pollution. To this aim, Lüling also used passive noise abatement measures such as enhanced soundproofing insulation of the walls and the roof.

Application examples


EFA assisted the company in identifying appropriate funding programmes. Based on EFA’s financing recommendations, Lüling started negotiations with the banks involved. The project was supported by a loan at preferential interest rates from the North Rhine-Westphalian “Initiative on ecological and sustainable water management” funding programme, funding area PIUS 1.2, set up by NRW’s Ministry for the Environment.


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