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The CZEWO Group is one of the largest contract manufacturers for body care products, cosmetics and cleaning products in Europe with 150 employees. CZEWO produces fluid and paste products on behalf of its customers. Volumes of 5 millilitres to 20 litres are filled, with an output of 1,000 to 7,000 units per hour. The products are produced on seven batch units with sizes ranging from one to ten cubic metres.
Implementation of the PIUS Check results has role model character for other filling contractors in the sector facing similar problems with high waste water volumes. The technology employed could also help to save resources at other companies and help to significantly ease environmental burden.
The tanks are made from stainless steel and are equipped with conical heads, enabling the products to flow out better. In addition, the tanks also have sterile filters for air intake and output as well as aseptic fittings and seals for avoiding bacterial contamination. The inner walls of the tanks have the surface quality IIIc, enabling cleaning with minimal amounts of water and use of chemicals. CZEWO uses these measures to reduce its waste water volumes and the water and pollution surcharge. As a result the company avoids product loss of around 30,000 kg per year. In total the company realises savings of 250,000 Euros per year.


  • 30,000 kg less product losses

  • Total savings of 250,000 Euros annually

  • Armortisation of the 800,000 Euros investment in 3.2 years 

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

A new pig system enables product loss and cleaning effort to be reduced. With the new tanks applying this system tank pipes are left with far less residual product. This means that cleaning water for piping or tanks can be used multiple times. To collect the liquid, two tanks with a capacity of 10 cubic metres each are installed. This enables five to ten cleaning batches to be collected separately after disinfection and cleaning and reused. In addition, the energy contained in the cleaning water is recovered.

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With the support of EFA assistance the investment was supported with a 400,000 Euros aid from the Ecological and Sustainable Water Management Initiative of the Ministry of Environment NRW.


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