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The new facility offers numerous opportunities to save water and chemical auxiliary and operating materials. The cooling cycle is closed. A practical rinsing technique now enables multiple use of the rinsing water via enclosed, separate circuits and contains a cascade rinser with spray flanges and targeted multiple water use via ion exchange units, which generate monocycles. The rinsing water from the backwashing of the exchangers is neutralised separately. The sole waste accumulated is easily deposited mono sludge. In order to recover the dissolved copper and nickel the company installed electrolysis cells for direct metal recovery. The chrome recovery is achieved via evaporation. In addition, it also proved possible to shorten transport routes by filling and emptying the frames directly at the facility. With the new electroplating facility GHD achieves higher product quality through increased surface quality and accompanying improved corrosion protection. With this the company satisfies the requirements of new customers from the automobile industry.


Resource Before After
Rinsing water 3,240 l/h 320 l/h
Cooling water 2,500 l/h 0 l/h
Waste water discharge 12,650m3/a 720m3/a
Chlorine bleach solution 33,600 l/a 0 l/h
Caustic soda solution 139,200 kg/a 14,000 kg/a
Hydrochloricacid 28,800 l/a 3,000 l/a
Lime 48,000 kg/a 5,000 kg/a
Other chemicals 25,000 kg/a 1,500 kg/a
Deposit sludge waste 55 t/a 5 t/a

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The example provided here demonstrates that new production equipment allows for considerable cost reduction and resource saving effects when properly installed and resource efficiency aspects are taken into account.

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The company invested around 1.6 million Euros in a new electroplating facility, creating six new jobs in this area. The Effizienz-Agentur (EFA) of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) supported the company in the search for a suitable aid programme and in the drafting of the detailed aid recommendation. GHD subsequently received a refinancing loan (1.2) to the amount of 802,000 Euros from the Ecological and Sustainable Water Management Initiative in NRW – Production-Integrated Environmental Protection.


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