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In contrast to classical procedures, an accumulator tank is used today for hydraulic decoupling of the hot-water circuits at the works of the Otto Fuchs company. As a result, the hot water is directly available for heating of plant or alternatively, to support the main water circuit. Optionally, integration of further recovery circuits into the main circuit of the boiler plant is possible. The solution was developed by cooperation between Otto Fuchs and ONI Wärmetrafo GmbH, Lindlar. Under the new procedure, flue gas is drawn from the existing chimney by means of a frequency-controlled hot-air fan and passed through the heat exchanger. The latter is a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, transferring the heat energy from the gas to the hot water circuit. In this way, energy supply does not only rely on the work’s own boiler system and is available on an independent basis. The solution, which had been developed as a modular system, may serve as a basic concept for companies with comparable furnaces and hot-water networks. The flexible structure comprises separate control components for the individual modules, which may be combined as required.


Savings realised due to the installed heat recovery system:

  • Primary energy: 2,954 MWh

  • CO2  emissions: 585 t/a


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Owing to the integration of the heat exchanger, the company is able to save about 303 kW of heating energy. On the basis of 7,800 operating hours per year, this corresponds to more than 2,950 MWh of primary energy whose production is no longer required. As a result, Otto Fuchs could avoid the emission of ca. 585 t of carbon dioxide per year. The company has invested in the measure a total of ca. 426,000 Euros.

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Prior to starting the project, Effizienz-Agentur (EFA) North Rhine-Westphalia provided PIUS Financing consultancy to the company. As a result, the company applied for funding from the Environmental Innovation Programme of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. This programme is intended to promote the first practical large-scale application of innovative and resource-efficient technologies. The company received guidance by EFA during the application phase. After approval of the project by the German Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) in 2010, EFA was assigned the task to carry out a measuring programme. The results were compiled in a joint final report. Funding of the project was supported by the BMU Environmental Innovation Programme with an allowance amounting to about 133,000 Euros.


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