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Intersecting paths of traffic flows from various roadways
pass one another at different levels at the PINAVIA road junction,
while traffic can move safely at a constant speed. Prior to entry into
the junction itself, each roadway intended for driving through the
junction makes a large-radius right curve, passes the circular
roadways of other roads via an overpass (or a tunnel), then joins the
circular roadways and makes a large-radius left curve passing the
entry roadway of the next road via another overpass (or a tunnel) and
leaves the junction by turning right. This provision must be applied
to junctions of any number of road directions, but is sufficient for a
junction of only three road directions.


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Traffic and passenger flows can be concentrated, while creating
optimal conditions for public transportation in a city by building
PINAVIA junctions, parking facilities and public transit terminals at
main intersections of a city beltway. Additionally, by creating new
jobs at easily accessible locations on the city’s periphery (within
PINAVIA junctions) and instituting traffic restrictions in central
parts of the city, the problem of traffic congestion can be solved
without any additional infrastructural changes. Reducing traffic and
its congestion automatically implies an enormous positive
environmental impact, and huge economical effect both to traffic
participants and the country in general.

Application examples

The road junction is patented in USA, Russian Federation, Lithuania,
Ukraine, the procedure is pending in other states; the junction has
not been implemented yet; the city strategy involving PINAVIA
junctions is being developed by scientists.



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