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Energy accumulation system can be made stationary, mobile, integrated to another systems or compose with another system different combination. System is universal and can be used for land and water transport to move without fuel, for creating mobile work place, to provide buildings and houses with heat and electricity. System can provide a freeze, heat, electricity directly and by exchangeable capacities.


The new concept of the energy production and supply has many advantages for the users of this system, because of avoiding of natural resources need and decrease of energy production costs. The possibility to implement autonomic energy supply in a private house or business company.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Avoiding need to use of any natural resources for energy generation, the benefit for the environment and economic is evident. The system is based on accumulation of existent energy from the environment which does not make any impact to the environment therefore the resource depletion and emission problem is decreased to minimum.

Application examples

The system could be used for any of the human activities, where the need for heat and electricity energy exists. The examples of application: EKAS application for electro-mobiles, trains; creation of mobile work place for the auto mechanics, construction and repair sector, outdoor cafes, laboratory of geologist and etc.; EKAS application for water transport – the heat energy could be accumulated from both air and water. EKAS system could be applied for house energy systems as the energy supply system for individual house or for the complex of houses, where the heat is accumulated from the ground, water and air. There are possibilities to create the autonomic electricity plant.



Current stage of development

Available for demonstration – field tested

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