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Greenforce produces scrubbers - devices that are used to clean the air from technological processes that contain gas, aerosols and dust particles. Scrubbers also neutralise unpleasant smells. By using scrubbers it is possible to achieve exit air purity of up to 99,9% The working principle of the scrubber is given below.
Gas enters the scrubber, rises vertically upwards through the packing  and is sprayed with scrubbing liquid from the spray nozzles above. When passing through the packing, the mass particles transfer from gas into liquid. The scrubbing liquid with bound particles drips into the storage tank, from where it is pumped back into the spray nozzles. The particulates that are washed out from the gas accumulate on the bottom of the tank. The level, quality and pH level of the scrubbing liquid can be checked either manually or automatically. Cleaned gas travels through the mist eliminator and the top outlet into the atmosphere.


Greenforce offers scrubbers that separate toxic fumes and unpleasant smells. It is important to analyze gas components before the scrubber can be designed. Based on the results Greenforce offers the best type of scrubber and scrubbing liquid to clean specific gas. If necessary it is possible to use many scrubbers next to each other in order to provide better solution for cleaning specific gas. In the production cycle, quality is guaranteed as Greenforce uses a special CNC semi-automatic butt-welding machine-tool which enables to weld sheet material with a length up to 4000mm and thickness up to 40mm.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

By using scrubbers it is possible to achieve exit air purity up to 99,9%. It also removes unwanted smells and smoke from the exhaust gases.
Greenforce scrubbers help to improve working conditions as they clean specific gases (including toxic fumes)
Producing without toxic fumes and unpleasant smells (which is achieved by using scrubbers) lead company towards better reputation and hopefully towards higher sales.

Application examples

Companies that produce exhaust fumes while manufacturing their products.


Compared to other producers Greenforce scrubbers have competitive price.


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