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Veleoelektron produces electrical rollers named Exo Bikes. Electical roller Exo takes only 1kWh of electrical energy to cover 100 km. Exo Bike has been designed to be perfect electrical vehicle. Exo Bike is rather light weighing only 40 kg. It contains lithium-iron phosphate battery which is possible to charge within 6 – 8 hours, battery can be recharged for 2000 – 3000 times. Driving mode is adjusted with hardware and software developed by Veloeletron team. Exo Bike contains 16-bit 120MHz processor which is used to operate the motor.
Veleolektron has developed intelligent driving system which enables to propose novel software development for rollers. Driver receives information whether he has enough electrical energy to reach destination or not. Veloelektron has developed two different electrical roller models – Exo Chiara for women and Exo Neutrino for men.


Electrical rollers that have been developed so far are usually clumsy, Exo Bike on the other hand weighs only 40 kg. While other electrical rollers can drive about 40 km without charging energy, Exo Bikes can drive 80 km. Its design is minimalistic and does not contain unnecessary items. Maximum speed is up to 45 km/h which makes it possible to use it in regular traffic without stopping it.
Probably the main advantage of the Exo Bike is that spare parts are available at regular bike stores.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Exo Bikes use electrical energy instead of petrol which make them eco-friendly as there is no formation of exhaust fumes. Exo Bikes can drive 80 km without charging which is twice as much as other electrical rollers.
As described earlier then Exo Bikes are very quiet, if necessary they may be used inside as well. Exo Bikes are safe but it takes time to get used with its rather quick-tempered manner. Exo Bikes are produced at Favor AS that has ISO 14001:2004 certification.

Application examples

Exo Bikes are meant for city traffics. Veloelektron has developed different models for men and woman.


At the moment Exo Bikes are more expensive than other electrical rollers. Exo Bikes cost 1920 – 2490 €
Energy consumption of Exo Bike is 1kWh for 100 km which cost approximately 0,1 €.


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