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Goliath Wind has developed Multi-Megawatt wind turbine generator with direct drive ring generator. Goliath Wind turbines are characterised with simplicity, high redundancy and fault-tolerance. Due to gearless transmission, the high power generation efficiency is achieved without the cost of power-consuming cooling system. Unique features: Replacement of stator-coils and permanent magnets in-situ, passively air-cooled, 12-phase redundant grid connection system.
Goliath wind turbines can be used in production of electricity in onshore projects. (Single turbines or wind farms).


Lower cost due to replacement of components, which can not be replaced on competitors’ turbines (except by large mobile crane and complete removal of wind turbine head with rotor blades; patented ring generator technology that
allows large diameters).

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Goliath Wind turbines are meant for emission free generation of electricity.
Goliath Winds modular design incorporates separable windings and poles, thus, if either needs to be replaced, it can be done without any extra effort. Due to special technology there is also no oil and no coolant liquid in the machine.
Economic aspects: savings for clients (low maintenance and repair cost); very competitive
production cost compared to global manufacturers.

Application examples

Wind farm (wind power plant)


Market price 1,000,000 EUR per Megawatt (varying)


Current stage of development

Development phase – laboratory tested

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Antti Roose
Tartu Ülikooli, Geograafia Osakond
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