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Utilimon is an intelligent software tool that analyses and visualizes the energy usage of the building stock. By providing vital information about energy consumption Utilimon helps to find inefficiencies in various technological systems, business processes, departments and thus enables to make faster optimization decisions. The effect of better decisions leads up to 25% smaller utility costs.
The online software platform sits on top of any third-party sub-metering infrastructure and can aquire data from any data collection system. Hardware part of the system consists of energy measuring devices and data concentrators which send the consumption data to a server. The user can log in to the system via any online computer or smart-phone.
Special features include:
  • Benchmarking tool
  • Cost forecasting tool
  • Data analysis engine based on data mining and AI principles
Public view for marketing department to help to communicate the efficiency efforts to general public
The customers that benefit most out of Utilimon: large buildings owners, property management companies, consultancy companies on energy efficiency, energy audit companies.


Three groups of stakeholders benefit from applying the solution in a company:
  • Owners and executives enjoy lower utility costs and thus higher profits
  • The property management department gets systematic and effective energy cost management platform
  • The PR and marketing department can communicate the activities and success in energy usage reduction and environmental benefits.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

While enabling building managers to lower energy costs, it reduces the CO2 footprint of the company.
By using the "public view" feature, PR/marketing department can rise the energy-usage awareness among employees, visitors and general public.
The aim of using Utilimon is to reduce energy costs and to make the company more effective.

Application examples

Utilimon has been used by large buildings owners, property management companies, consultancy companies on energy efficiency, energy audit companies.


Its software as a service (SaaS) model 500€/month/building* on average
* depend on metering points


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