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Ecometal has developed sodium sulphate crystallize device that enable to produce crystallized sodium sulphate from its aqueous solution. Sodium carbonate is used to neutralize sodium sulphates aqueous solution. Humid crystals are being dried and directed to containers. Water circulation system is achieved with this technology since condensed water from this process is guided to production system. It reduces the consumption if technological water.
This process and sodium sulphate is being used by paper, textile, glass and chemistry industries.
Ecometal received a prize from Estonian Ministry of the Environment for introducing sodium sulphate solution crystallizing process.


Applying this technology helps to reuse technological water. Other companies that recycle old lead accumulators guide sodium sulphate solution into the sea but Ecometal uses this unique technology that helps not to pollute water. Alternative would be to attempt turning sodium sulphate solution into sulphuric acid or caustic soda but this alternative is at the beginning of development process.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Before this technology nontoxic sodium sulphate solution was handed over to waste management who diluted the solution and then directed in to the sea. Production process used over 10 000m2 of water. After applying new production process crystallized sodium sulphate is being separated. This can be used in other industries. This technology minimizes and also enables to remove sodium sulphate, lead and antimony from waste water.
After applying this technology Ecometal employed four new employees. Project also improves quality of life local residents. Ecometal also expects to raise awareness among other companies to evolve and improve their production systems to minimize negative environmental impacts.
Applying new production process has increased company´s expenses but in a long-term perspective it should be profitable investment.

Application examples

Recycling of old lead accumulators.
The company recycles about 15 000 tons of used lead-acid batteries per year. The annual production volume is about 9000 tons of lead and allovs.


Implementation of this technology and building a new plant cost over 2,36 million EUR


Current stage of development

Already on the market

Crystallized sodium sulphate is being sold to Estonian companies

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