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Amello Grupp OÜ produce linseed oil based products to protect wood surface from humidity, mould and other external effects. Linseed oil products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All products emphasise the texture of wood. Amello offers dark and light tar oils, linseed oils, furniture wax etc.


Amello products are very natural (do not contain synthetic agents) which means that they suit perfectly indoors and for people with allergies Amello products protect wood from humidity and mould without containing synthetic agents. Comparing to other synthetic products for surface treatment then Amello products are slightly cheaper.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Amello products help to improve our living conditions all products are very natural but they are highly efficient to protect wooden surfaces which means that there is no need to use synthetic materials for elaboration.
Amello products help to improve consumers` health as they do not have to use chemical products.
Amello products are a bit cheaper than other products with the same qualities. The need of a product per square meter is almost the same as other products with same qualities.

Application examples

Amello products can be used in sauna, for elaborating floors, furniture, etc.


Amello products are cheaper than products with the same qualities.


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