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In addition to its environmentally responsible chemical products, Atotech`s auxiliary equipment also supports the effort towards greener production. The auxiliary systems line ranges from ion exchange technologies for Cr(III)) passivates, electrolytic nickel and trivalent chrome plating electrolytes to metal recovery systems for electrolytic nickel and regeneration system for acid zinc electrolytes. Large electroless nickel installations benefit from Atotech`s state-of-the-art and patented electro dialysis system. Using Atotech`s production technology demonstrates that cost-effectiveness and technology advantages can go hand in hand with environmental protection. Greener production supports customers in reducing their environmental footprint and helps to be more profitable in a sustainable way.
Atotech`s Auxiliary systems for Greener Production
  • EDEN® – Electro dialysis system for continuous EN production
  • DynaChrome® - Integrated production technology for hard chrome
  • Tricotect® - Regeneration technology for Cr(VI)-free passivates for continuous removal of Fe and Zn
  • ZYpHEX® - Regeneration technology for high throughput and zinc electrolytes
  • Reflectalloy® - ZNA XL and Zinni AL 450 XL – Membrane anode technology for alkaline zinc nickel electrolytes
  • Nikotect® - Recycling technology for nickel electrolytes
  • Satilume® LongLife – Advanced regeneration system for satin and nickel plating


EDEN – Atotech`s electro dialysis system for continuous EN production offers up to a 35% reduction in waste volume and overall losses of Ni (drag-out not considered) can be reduced significantly with the optional use of an ion exchanger.
Using the integrated production technology for hard chrome plating of shock absorber rods – DynaChrome® - chromium consumption can be reduced by 15% and energy consumption by 30% compared to conventional systems. Furthermore, the utilization of water evaporation for chrome bath cooling enables the total recycling of rinse water, meaning there is no waste from the rinsing process.
With Tricotect®, Atotech`s regeneration technology for Cr(VI)-free passivates for continuous removal of iron and zinc, savings in chemistry can be achieved up to 90%.
The Nikotect® system is an advanced maintenance and recycling technology for bright, semi-bright and MPS nickel electrolytes. It keeps production-quality levels, reduces rejects, helps to eliminate hazardous carbon waste, down time and periodic dilutions and furthermore it recovers valuable material and chemicals.
Atotech`s patent protected and fully automatic ZYpHEX® regeneration system enables high throughput applications to maintain the cloud point of Zylite® acid zinc electrolytes at a constantly high level. By the addition of acid, the dragged-in oil contaminations as well as the organic break-down products are effectively separated (TOC reduction up to 50%).

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental aspects
Autotech processes can save use of chemicals and   metals such as chromium and nickel, thereby is also the environmental impact lowered. Atotech has a strong commitment to further develop its know-how in recycling and wastewater treatment of its products. Atotech develops sophisticated products to help its customers minimize waste towards the goal of zero environmental risk.

Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)
Lower amounts of chemicals and   metals also give better working environmental. No product is launched without prior assessment of risks for safety, health and environment.

Economic aspects
Good environmental and working environmental policies also give good economics for the customers.

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