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The high levels of purification are achieved using a patented method of adding flocculants proportionally to the water flow, directly into the septic tank. The system is completed with a drain field or reinforced infiltration. The septic tank is also equipped with a filter to prevent flocculants from entering the drain field.
BAGA Easy is ideal for both permanent and recreational living as it can be shut down for long periods and automatically starts up to full effect, without delay in the purification process, as soon as water enters the system.
In order to make it as easy as possible to maintain the system a support agreement equipping the system with a remote PLC control system (F-SMS) is offered. The control system supervises the plant day and night using text messages to inform about the status and possible measures.
Water is pumped from the septic tank out to the bio bed. Simultaneously, flocculants are added into the septic tank. The flocculent reacts with nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) and easily degradable substances measured as BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and precipitates to the bottom of the septic tank. The condition for an efficient flocculation is that the flocculent is added proportionally to the inlet, and an efficient mixing of the liquids.
BAGA Easy contains a filter through which all waste water must pass before reaching the drain field. The filter guarantees that the outlet is completely free from sludge or particles. The filter is an important part of the process as sludge or particles will affect the biological process. The integrated pump of the septic tank feeds the water through a sprinkler tube, evenly distributing it into the drainfield. Thus, the drainfield does not necessarily have to be downstream of the tank. It also gives the opportunity of placing the drainfield at some distance from the tank.


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Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The simplicity of the construction and design of Baga Easy reduces the power consumption to a few kWh per month. Normally, conventional water treatment plants utilize components such as pumps and fans, constantly consuming electrical power. BAGA Easy only uses one pump, consuming power only when the plant is in use.
The uncomplicated design of BAGA Easy, containing only one pump, results in a high grade of reliability. Signing a support agreement equips the plant with a remote PLC control system (F-SMS) enhancing the reliability further as the plant becomes constantly monitored.
Every waste water plant uses oxygen in the biological purification process. Many conventional plants use energy consuming fans constantly running. BAGA Easy needs no fan as oxygen is supplied through the bio modules, making it completely silent and reducing power consumption to a minimum.

Implementation of a BAGA Easy plant lowers the nutrient load to the surrounding environment and thereby prohibits eutrophying the Baltic Sea.

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