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The Deltalift 1100 series can be equipped with a lifting head to gain ability to grip baskets, spin them and tilt  the baskets from 40 degrees forward to 15 degrees backwards. Each basket can be spinned released and gripped independently. A single basket tilt is also available.

The Deltalift 1100 can be equipped with an easily replaceable control package to simplify installation and maintenance. The IS control package contains a frequency inverter, control module and a wireless connection module which means that the central control unit can be minimised and the need for moving cables is eliminated.


Please see Innovative aspects above.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

  • No cables or power chains are needed. One 3-phase electric powerail is enough for fully automatic function.

  • Easy to replace built-in frequency inverter with a PLC-card for the Deltalift’s internal logical functions.

  • Easy installation. Just teach-in vertical and horizontal positions. The lifting pattern is registered in a central PLC-unit and the equipment is ready for operation.  Up to eight Deltalift 1100 can be controlled by a central PLC-controller.

  • The IS control system can be installed on existing Deltalifts.

  • Very simple electric installation.

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