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A combination of a septic tank (with one or more compartments) and a drainage system is the most common treatment method for individual septic systems. In brief, it works like this: The liquid from the septic system filters into the ground whilst the sludge stays put in the septic tank. Micro-organisms in the ground and tank purify the water. Subsequent composting turns the sludge into an effective soil improvement material.
Ordinary sludge suction empties the tank. The micro-organisms disappear at the same time and it takes a long time before the biological process starts again. The discharge increases, as does the amount of suspended substances which can obstruct the infiltration process, with impaired functioning as a result.
Aquateqs patented system, EcoVee®, dewater the sludge directly by the septic tank. The water and the microorganisms are returned to the tank. At the same time the water gets oxygenised, improving the natural purifying process. The transported volume gets reduced with 95 %. The sludge has a dryness of approx. 25-30 % ready to be composted or used for energy production.
EcoVee® is a mechanical separation system using no chemicals. Transportation to sewage-treatment plants is no longer necessary. The EcoVee® system promotes a long service life time of the septic tank and the infiltration system by using nature’s own treatment plant. Also the operators get a working environment saving the body and thrilling the head. A lot less transportation needs lower the costs and the greenhouse effect.


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Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The main advantage of this system compared to other similar systems is that the sludge is withdrawn from the septic tank but the water and microorganisms are returned. Thus the biological treatment system is maintained in the septic tank and unwanted transportation of water is avoided.

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