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The ACT Natural system is designed to treat domestic waste water in two main steps. No chemicals have to be added to the process and no sludge withdrawal is necessary as the sludge is digested in the system.
The first main step, ProACT, is a tank consisting of two chambers in which organic matter is treated in two sub-processes. The waste water is led into the first chamber in which the water is treated through an anaerobic process that can be compared to a natural digestion process. In this first step organic matter is degraded and nutrients released. As more waste water is added to the first chamber, water already in the system with high amount of sludge will be transferred to the second chamber where it is exposed to a bio bed.
Here drain field microorganisms degrades the remaining organic sludge to a level where it can safely be passed on to the next step in the process. The water passes yet another bio bed in the ProACT before it is pumped to the second main treatment step of the ACT Natural system, the InterACT. Here the waste water is exposed to a third type of microorganisms but also for a set of aquatic plants that feed on the nutrients in the water.


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Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Act Natural is designed to mimic nature’s own way of purifying sewage water. The system does not require any chemical additives. There is no need for sludge withdrawal as the sludge is degraded by micro-organisms and digested by plants in the system. Implementation of an Act Natural plant lowers the nutrient load to the surrounding environment and thereby prohibits eutrophying the Baltic Sea.

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