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The essence of structural design is the appropriate usage of material. Unnecessary weight is created by materials thta are not significantly contributing to a structure's stability. The principle of the Cobiax flat slap developed by the Swiss company "Cobiax Technologies AG" is to leave out as much concrete as possible whilst maintaining the full flexural strength of the slab and allowing a bi-axial load transfer, and to maintain concrete in the structurally relevant external zones of the cross-section and create as much internal voided volumes as possible. Void formers - positioned between the bottom and top reinforcement layers - displace concrete. The resulting dead-load reduction of up to 35% has a positive impact on the whole structure and allows building material savings. The Cobiax cage modules are directly placed on the bottom of reinforcement. The top reinforcement can be directly laid on the Cobiax cage modules which act as wire chairs. The concrete in cast in two consecutive layers to prevent the void formers from uplifting. More information on Cobiax technology -


Wight reduction:
  • up to 35% lighter than solid slobs;
  • up to 15% less load acting on foundations.

Cost effectiveness:
  • concrete and reinforcement steel savings;
  • reduced floor-to-floor height;
  • eased retrofitting of building.

  • resource efficiency through building material savings;
  • carbon dioxide emmision reduction;
  • use of recycled materials.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Resource efficiency leads to increased static performance, economic costing and sustainable building structures

Application examples

In Lithuania, the Cobiax technology has been successfuly applied by the company "DENIA Solutions" (  in the object "Vilniaus vartai" and will be used shortly in several other objects.



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